There is no civilization of law, or rather, there is no civilization tout court without the lawyer, because it is the lawyer, ensuring the equality of arms, allows the judge to be a judge and, ultimately, allows the creation of a fair trial.

These words, spoken by a magistrate, well represent the importance and role of the lawyer in modern society.

But how does legal advice work? Let’s try to clarify a bit …

Why first contact a lawyer?
1. Because the lawyer advises you.

The rules applicable to your problem and will help you find the most suitable solution in all areas of the law. Prior consultation with a lawyer can save you time and money.

2. Because the lawyer writes your contracts and the deeds you need.

The lawyer’s mission is also to prepare and draft deeds and contracts that regulate your private life (wills, cohabitation agreement, real estate lease agreements, sales contracts, etc.) or professional (employment contracts, commercial contracts, creation and transfer of a company, general conditions of sale, etc.), which allow to prevent a legal action or, at least, to provide you with the most appropriate tools to resist in a legal action.

3. Because the lawyer represents you and defends you.

When it is not possible to find an amicable solution, the lawyer represents you and defends you at all stages of the process, acting on your behalf before each court. It is the cd. technical defense to which everyone is entitled in court.