When you turn to a lawyer it is, without beating about the bush, because there is a problem: a problem that often requires rapid intervention to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

For this reason, once the contact request has been received through the various channels of the Firm (website, telephone, e-mail, etc.), the Client will be called back within the next 24 hours to fix a first cognitive appointment directly with the lawyer. . Pedretti at the Brescia Law Firm, or at its secondary offices.

The listening phase is particularly important because it allows the lawyer to obtain in-depth information on the subject of the client’s request and to know the client’s expectations and needs in an exhaustive and systematic manner. The lawyer does not judge and does not comment: he puts himself in the client’s shoes to identify the best defensive strategies aimed at achieving the required objectives.

Once having listened to the Client’s story and examined the underlying legal issues, Avv. Pedretti will prepare a clear and detailed estimate , in full compliance with law no. 247/2012 and the deontological rules in force on this point, which will be subject to acceptance by the Customer.

In fact, the Pedretti Law Firm considers the relationship of trust that must exist with the Client to be essential and is aware that only by knowing in advance the costs of his defense will the Client be able to adopt a conscious and mature choice, with a real evaluation of the relationship. costs – benefits of the legal service.