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No matter how much of an idealist one might have, all it takes is one hit to bring you back to reality and understand the fact that life is not as easy as it seems. There are laws to coexist, and time and again, those laws get breached, and you are at the risk of harm or harm-in-process.
– Linkon Kris

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Luke Foley, the law firm, not just accepts this fact but understands that humans are bound to make errors now and then. So, we provide our services and expertise in law to help you understand and solve all the issues that you might face due to law breaches.


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you never have to suffer

To ensure that you never have to suffer any injustice, it is always recommended that you have a lawyer by your side.

its services as a law firm

Luke Foley provides its services as a law firm to be of your aid in this case. We specialize in several different law branches, including Criminal law, civil law, property law, tax law, and many others.

lawyers assesses

In dealing with your cases, lawyers assesses of lawyers assesses your circumstances from each angle possible.

Our understanding of your case

Our understanding of your case is based upon objective evaluations and hence deals with every possible aspect. We understand all possible repercussions and use this to present you in case of the law.

Primary Practices

But it is not just the dealings inside the court of law that matter in the profession, but also those outside it. Therefore, our lawyers are well-versed in the art of negotiation and fight to get you the very best deal possible.
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  • Business Law
  • Family Law

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4 tips to keep your computer clean inside out

In today’s world of online classes, almost everyone has a computer at home. Some may feel comfortable with the use of a laptop, while others design their personal computers themselves according to their needs and requirements. With using our computers everyday, we don’t pay heed to clean them regularly. Like any other thing, our computers also need to be gleaned regularly. It not only maintains the appearance of your computer but also prevents it from anything getting stuck in your keyboard or any plugs. Some of you might be procrastinating on this task. The time has come and we are here to help you. Here are the few tips to get you started with cleaning your computer inside out:

Draining power

Before you start with any of the cleaning processes, it is the most important step that you drain out electricity. For this purpose, you would normally start by shutting down your computer from the window panel. After it has completely turned off, you carefully plug the switch out of the socket. Draining power from the computer will leave your computer with no current, henci making it safe for you. Now, start cleaning your computer’s screen, mouse and most importantly, the keyboard. 

Cleaning and Liquids

It is always the easiest and better option to start with the external cleaning of your computer. Normally, any person wou grab a glass cleaner and spray it on the screen or keyboard and start wiping. You should never apply any kind of liquid directly on any part of your computer. These liquids or simply water can easily conduct electricity and expose your computer to a greater risk of short circuit. The best technique for cleaning is to dampen the cloth. Dampened cotton swabs can be greatly effective when cleaning the keys of your keyboard or the buttons of your screen. The next step would be for you to relax and allow the system to air dry before plugging it in.

Internal Cleaning

Cleaning your computer’s storage is the ultimate key for maintaining which many of us don’t pay attention to. It is very important to free up space. Start deleting the data that you no longer need. Free up your desktop screen. Organize your files by keeping in mind there is more space available in your Drive D. cleaning your browser history can also help you to free up the space. The virus removal should be made a priority to save your computer.  You can contact virus removal melbourne to help you with this.  


Uninstalling applications or softwares can really help your computer catch a breath. We often forget to uninstall anything that we no longer use. You might think that disabling a program would have made great space. Although it does free up a bit of space, the startup of that application remains in your computer. If you really feel like you no longer have to use an application, it is so much better to uninstall it rather than just disabling it. If you feel like you could use that application in some time, the smarter choice would be to save it in the backup.  

How to contact our law firm?

When you turn to a lawyer it is, without beating about the bush, because there is a problem: a problem that often requires rapid intervention to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

For this reason, once the contact request has been received through the various channels of the Firm (website, telephone, e-mail, etc.), the Client will be called back within the next 24 hours to fix a first cognitive appointment directly with the lawyer. . Pedretti at the Brescia Law Firm, or at its secondary offices.

The listening phase is particularly important because it allows the lawyer to obtain in-depth information on the subject of the client’s request and to know the client’s expectations and needs in an exhaustive and systematic manner. The lawyer does not judge and does not comment: he puts himself in the client’s shoes to identify the best defensive strategies aimed at achieving the required objectives.

Once having listened to the Client’s story and examined the underlying legal issues, Avv. Pedretti will prepare a clear and detailed estimate , in full compliance with law no. 247/2012 and the deontological rules in force on this point, which will be subject to acceptance by the Customer.

In fact, the Pedretti Law Firm considers the relationship of trust that must exist with the Client to be essential and is aware that only by knowing in advance the costs of his defense will the Client be able to adopt a conscious and mature choice, with a real evaluation of the relationship. costs – benefits of the legal service.

How legal advice works

There is no civilization of law, or rather, there is no civilization tout court without the lawyer, because it is the lawyer, ensuring the equality of arms, allows the judge to be a judge and, ultimately, allows the creation of a fair trial.

These words, spoken by a magistrate, well represent the importance and role of the lawyer in modern society.

But how does legal advice work? Let’s try to clarify a bit …

Why first contact a lawyer?
1. Because the lawyer advises you.

The rules applicable to your problem and will help you find the most suitable solution in all areas of the law. Prior consultation with a lawyer can save you time and money.

2. Because the lawyer writes your contracts and the deeds you need.

The lawyer’s mission is also to prepare and draft deeds and contracts that regulate your private life (wills, cohabitation agreement, real estate lease agreements, sales contracts, etc.) or professional (employment contracts, commercial contracts, creation and transfer of a company, general conditions of sale, etc.), which allow to prevent a legal action or, at least, to provide you with the most appropriate tools to resist in a legal action.

3. Because the lawyer represents you and defends you.

When it is not possible to find an amicable solution, the lawyer represents you and defends you at all stages of the process, acting on your behalf before each court. It is the cd. technical defense to which everyone is entitled in court.

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