This collection of free film production templates and documents is devoted to deciphering the many, often perplexing, aspects of the filmmaking process. The templates below are intended to assist directors, producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, first assistant directors, editors, and others.

LukeFoley is a revolutionary new way for filmmakers, production companies, and agencies to streamline their 21st-century production management workflow. We provide web-based filmmaking software with a suite of integrated products, including talent and crew management, shooting schedule creation, cloud archiving of documents and media, and the creation, sending, and tracking of mobile-friendly call sheets.

This is in contrast to traditional management methods, in which productions use a tangle of solutions such as spreadsheets, emails, CRMs, and scheduling software, and each team member operates in their own silo. This makes it difficult for teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, resulting in a disjointed and often frustrating experience.